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Three Ways to Give:

Give Online

You can now give online our safe and secure partner, e-Give.  It is simple and easy.  All you will need to do is sign-up with e-Give to make a one-time donation or to set-up an automatic deduction for your monthly or weekly tithe.  Plus, e-Give helps you track all of your giving:

Give in Person

You can give in person each Sunday during our services or by dropping off your gift or contribution in our office Monday through Friday between 9 am and 2:30 pm.

Give by Mail

You can give by mailing check to our church address:  PO Box 512, Greencastle, IN 46135

Three Reasons Why We Give:

God's Generosity Leads to Our Generosity

As members of Greencastle Presbyterian Church and as disciples, we always come back to what God does for us first and foremost.  Thankfully, God's love, grace, and generosity towards us is abundant and sufficient.  In Jesus Christ, God gives us everything that we can ever need for this life and for salvation.  Moreover, we recognize with the psalmist how God has provided so much for us through the abundance of material goods and creation.  Therefore, we want to live lives of radical generosity to support and love others.

We Believe God Is Doing Great Things through GPC

As a church family, we give our tithes and donations because we know and trust God is doing great work in our community through our church.  Through our weekly worship services, through our Round Barn Daycare, through SAWs, and through so many other ways, God is blessing us to be a blessing to others.  Giving financially to our church supports all of this and more.

We Believe in the Value and Discipline of Tithing

The only way for us to grow as Christians is to begin practicing our faith in specific and concrete ways.  Offering a financial pledge allows us to start walking in such faith.  We celebrate those who are giving for the first time to God's work through our church and to those who are active tithers - offering 10% of their income towards God's work.  Any act of giving financially towards ministry is a way for us to recognize that God did not withhold anything in God's great desire to love and save us.  Practicing financial giving allows us to demonstrate our commitment, therefore, to love our community like Jesus.

God is doing great things through our congregation!  Whether you are making a single contribution to support a specific ministry or committing a weekly tithe as a practice of your faith and community, thank you!  May we continue to give generously AND love our community boldly.


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