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Life in Greencastle - Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places

In the middle of last week, I set out on a run through the countryside.I hit a good turn-around point and did so, turning back on a gravel road cutting between corn fields and cow pastures.As I crested a small hill and started down the other side, a small flock of pigeons about a hundred yards in front of me took off into the air.They began heading west, but they quickly circled back and headed instead to the eastern sky.And in the midst of that flock was one, lone white pigeon – a dove as far as I knew, although my ornithological knowledge is meager.Nonetheless, that’s how I saw it:a dove, not too unlike that dove that descended upon Jesus in the Jordan River, flapping its wings and mixing a sense of holiness into this otherwise natural Indiana countryside.The Celtic people have a term they use to describe such experiences, one I’ve mentioned before.“Thin places,” they call them – places where the divine seems to wonderfully, miraculously mingle with this material world.And …