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Welcome Pilgrims

This sign stood outside of Regina Mundi Catholic Church in the heart of Soweto, South Africa - marking the entrance to the church's sanctuary.  It was an especially inviting sign to our small band of American pastors who had traveled many miles from home and were on the tail-end of our journey through South Africa.  We were that.  Pilgrims.  Traveling and visiting, on our way from place to place, but always with the expectation that we would be returning home soon.

I wonder if the parishioners of Regina Mundi pay much attention to this sign outside of their sanctuary anymore.  After a certain amount of time, if you spend enough time in one place, you don't feel much like a pilgrim.  You can begin to feel fairly settled, which isn't entirely a bad thing.  There is a certain degree of comfort and peace in the security of being a settler.  It's nice to know what to expect, nice to know the faces surrounding you when you walk into a room, and nice to know whic…