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Community Ash Wednesday Service - 11:30 am @ St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

Where Do You See Jesus in Our Community?

We are reaching out and inviting you to respond to some basic questions.  Here is a response from Bill Crimmins about where he sees Jesus in our community: 
"Where do you see Jesus in our community?" - Bill Crimmins
I guess for me the answer…is….I see Jesus or God in creation which includes people of the community.  I don’t think there is anything special or unique about our community…therefore simplistically the biggest challenge for all Christians ….everywhere and in every age is…living out life with Christ on the Throne of one’s life.  
Perhaps if we have a bigger challenge it is that the world around us and our technology creates a situation where we are duped to think we can live more independently of God…worshipping the creation more than the Creator.
Since community makes me think of human beings or people the following quotes come to mind:…they are not perfect but well loved by many….
Sheldon Vanauken, in a Severe Mercy wrote:
“The best argument for Christianity is Christi…

What Is Holding You Back?

When we read the Gospels, we notice something very peculiar happening time and time again.  Men and women resist stepping out of their comfort zones in order to step forward to follow Christ and serve others.

Luke 18:18-30:  The rich young man can't find it within himself to step away from the life he has built ...

Luke 7:36-39:  The Pharisee stands apart emotionally and physically from Jesus when a scandalous woman has the audacity to offer a tremendous gift of love and praise ...

Luke 8:19-21:  Even Jesus' own family found it hard to step beyond their comfort zone of security, choosing a limited vision of family instead of God's bigger one.

The same theme of standing apart is also prevalent in Jesus' parables:

Luke 15:11-32:  The parable of the Prodigal Son ultimately turns into a tale of how moral superiority can hold us back.  

Luke 16:19-31:  And the story of the Rich Man warns us about the end result of being imprisoned by our inability to love others.

Jesus' int…