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The Testimony of Ahmed Kathrada

As I mentioned, over the last few weeks, news stories related to President Obama's trip to South Africa have been floating around the internet.  One of those stories included an interview with the man who gave President Obama his tour of Robben Island, the small island that long served as way to isolate and punish society's criminals.  It was also the island where the enemies of Apartheid were held, including Nelson Mandela.  Ahmed Kathrada himself spent several years in one of the prisons located on Robben Island.  As fate would have it, Ahmed Kathrada also graciously guided our Wabash Pastoral Leadership group back in October of 2012.  

After meeting Mr. Kathrada and being moved by the tour, I was inspired to write a piece that was part reflection, part commentary on the wisdom and grace I witnessed in this man.  As it so happens, we will be discussing the story of Gamaliel in Acts 5 this week, and it strikes me that Gamaliel and Mr. Kathrada share a lot in common:  two men i…