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Life in Greencastle - Gracious Abundance

I’ve been on the road several times the last few weeks – including several trips up and down 231.Not surprisingly, I’ve fallen in line behind a combine a time or two.On several other occasions, I’ve driven by fields where the farmers are bringing in the beans and the corn – mowing the crops down with broad sweeps across our native land.So, in part of my mind are these images of harvest and abundance.I think of the semis I’ve seen, their trailers full to the brim with the corn that goes to feed our children and children all over the world.And, yet, I have other images implanted in my mind as well – images of draught and dryness.On my way back into town this past Sunday, I came down the hill just past Old Hickory on 231.As I drove over Big Walnut Creek, I looked out the window to see a sliver of the water moving through the creek bed; the waters life diminished by the lack of rain.We see the reminders of draught all over:in dry leaves that blow across the ground.We see the signs in our …


Hello, friends. It's been a while since I've written, so I hope you haven't been discouraged by the lack of posts.

Anna, Wyatt and I just returned from a five day trip up to Chicago. Anna participated in a four day training event to become a certified Bradley Instructor, which is a type of birthing philosophy/technique. You can read more about the Bradley Method by clicking here. Even though Anna attended these classes by herself, this is something Anna and I both support and believe in. And, it is likely that in the future you'll be hearing more about the Bradley Method from us - including some classes for any friends or family members who are expecting.

My task up in Chicago was to keep watch over Wyatt - something not that hard to do when you've got a Holidome, a big city full of museums and air-hockey. Needless to say, Wyatt enjoyed all of it. So did I - big time!

While up in Chicago, I also had some time to start a book by Walter Brueggemann titled The Jo…