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Summer Sermon Series on Acts: When God Is On the Move

This summer in worship, we are going to continue exploring the Book of Acts, which will give us a great opportunity to reflect on our life together as a church body.  Below is an overview of where we'll be headed over the next several weeks, along with the passage from Acts that will be the basis for our worship and the sermon.  You'll notice every Sunday will highlight a central theme - like change - and also have a question for reflection.  Perhaps one word in particular seems especially relevant to you.
Sunday, June 2nd - Acts 2:42-47 - "That Thing Just Beyond Our Grasp" Theme:  Community Question:  What is your community?
Sunday, June 9th - Acts 3:1-10 - "The One Thing We Have" Theme:  Jesus Question:  Is our attention on Christ first and foremost, and are there ways we can make sure our focus remains centrally on Jesus?
Sunday, June 16th - Acts 4:1-22 - "A New Wave" Theme:  Change Question:  How do you deal with change?
Sunday, June 23rd - Acts 4:23-31…