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Our Multi-Generational Church: God Loves Us!

Life In Diversity
ec·o·tone / ˈekəˌtōn,ˈēkəˌtōn/ Noun ECOLOGY
1.  a region of transition between two
     biological communities. A few years ago, someone introduced me to this wonderful word:  ecotone.  I liked it immediately, and my love for it only grew when the person went on to tell me this.  Ecotones—these complex places of diversity—thrive with life. 
I want to invite you to see our church– your church—as a potential ecotone.  And, I want to encourage you to live into the diversity of our church family.
We are seeing the diversity of our body in a number of ways.  It’s present whenever the women’s Bible Study gathers in one end of the building and the daycare children play on the other end.  You can see it as we gather for worship with our pew of older widows in the back who arrive fifteen minutes before church starts and the younger families who find their way in somewhere before the passing of the peace.
We are young; we are old.  We are single; we are married.  We are liberal;…

The Lord's Prayer

How does God really view us?   And how do we really view God?  This week we begin exploring the most famous prayer in Christianity: The Lord's Prayer. worship @ 10:30 am Greencastle Presbyterian Church worship. service. community.