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Two Things We Need to Give Up

There are some things we know we want to keep with us in life.  Pictures.  Treasured heirlooms from our family.  And maybe most importantly, those richest of memories at the high points of our lives.

But, there are also some things we need to leave behind.

In Luke's retelling of Jesus calling the first disciples (Lk. 5:1-11), the story ends with a poignant moment of separation:  "When they had brought their boats to shore, they left everything and followed him."

Later, they would learn what things they would need to pick up - including an attitude of humility and deep love embodied by the symbol of a cross.

But, first this.  They have to let go.

As we make our journey through life, we must learn what is essential to "take up."  But, we also must learn what of which we must "let go."

Often times, this "letting go" is practical, detailed advice.  With Lent coming up quickly, we realize that our Christian tradition has - indeed - invited us to…

The Other Side of Comfort

The Other Side of Our Comfort There will be two packages on my porch this evening when I get home.  I know that because I - like many of you - am an Amazon Prime member, and two days ago I ordered some books as gifts.  Ten years ago, such a luxury would have been unimaginable.  Now, it's just a given.  By luck and by fate, I'm on the fortunate side of this incredible, complex, and unequal global economy.
But, that's the thing about luxury.  There's always another side to the story.
Exodus Details & Exodus Patterns We've been venturing into the story of Exodus as we start 2019.  And though the story is dominated by the theme of God and God's people, it starts somewhere else.  It starts with an unequal economy and a plague of anxiety in the hearts of a culture.
In his book Exploring Exodus, Nahum Sarna details how the Israelites were enslaved by the Egyptians.  In all likelihood, "the Pharaoh" of Exodus was none other than Rameses II, and like the r…