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Thank You

Our Generous Hearts Over $1,000 to help make music happen -little extra for anthems … -Mo Bailey & kids
Over $1200 in the plate for deacons this year Almost $2000 towards Heifer and Samaritan's Purse in one big Sunday of giving Over $1000 towards Native American ministries 2 Pyoca scholarships!
--- Think of all the work and time and energy put in by individuals in these last three years to help improve our church home: 5 Smock Grants in just under 4 years. 5 Smock Grants totaling around $40,000 in funds we've been able to use to ...      - redo our bathrooms       - put in more efficient entryway doors      - put up a new screen in our sanctuary       - purchase listening devices so you can actually hear what I'm saying Plus another grant through our presbytery to redo our playground:      - work that has meant more space for our kids to play      - and work that will mean new and better equipment  Not to mention those who have kicked in even more money (thank you, deacons) to make sur…

Quote of the week

"It has been my observation that all great praying [individuals] are simple, relaxed ... Mrs. Thomas A. Edison once said to me, 'Mr. Edison's methods are just like yours.  He is always perfectly natural and always perfectly relaxed.  He feels that all of his discoveries have 'come through him,' that he is but a channel for forces greater than himself.'

"Always natural, and always relaxed!  I do not like to see men work too hard at their prayers.  Beware lest the zeal of thy house shall eat thee up.  When one strains and labors over his dream he is too often carving ivory and not polishing horn.  Don't cut too deeply, don't carve too hard, don't paint the picture too much yourself.  Get still awhile, and let God paint it through you.  Wrote Gutzon Borglum, 'When I carve a statue, it is very simple.  I merely cut away the pieces that don't belong there and the statue itself presently comes into view.  It was there all the time." - f…