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Life in Greencastle - Hoping the Spirit Might Come

Some time back, I discovered that line John Calvin wrote in response to Paul's own assuring words to the Ephesians. "We are rich before we are born," is what Calvin said, commenting on this great mystery by faith, by grace, we have been accepted into God's family. Paul had more to say; he prayed that the Ephesians might now all the glorious riches that were going to be theirs when the entered completely into the Kingdom of God.

Such notions of heavenly riches can seem quite appealing, but they can also seem quite flimsy when your dumping fifty bucks of gasoline in your car week every week. Paul Simon once sung that "faith is an island in the setting sun, but proof is the bottom line for everyone." Indeed, it is Rhymin' Simon, and one of the great challenges we have as people of faith is to find a way to make tangible these promises. If we don't, the promises simply become platitudes, a type of "pie in the sky." That's…