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Notes on Galatians - Introduction

In the opening of his book Stages of Faith, James Fowler tells of driving to a conference where he was set to speak.  His goal was to get his audience thinking about the direction of their lives.  He wanted them to contemplate where they were currently spending their best time and energy, but he also wanted to challenge them to go deeper.  What did they really want to be focusing their time and energy upon?  Where did they want to give their best?  What did they want to devote their lives to?  What did they want their most important work to be and what legacy were they going to live?
Mentally, he came up with his list of questions, but in doing so, it hit him.  The questions hit him.  What did he want to give his life to?  What work did he want to focus upon and pour his energy and talents into?
When we pick up Paul's Letter to the Galatians, two things become very clear.  First off:  for Paul, there is absolutely no question in his own heart and mind what work truly deserves his be…