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Into the "Other"

This past week I drove the thirty mile stretch up 231 to Crawfordsville, Indiana - a city that shares many similarities with this city that we call our home. It is a place - just like Greencastle - whose connections to Indiana history are strong and whose identity has changed from frontier-land to a thriving county seat where farm and business mingled on the square. It is a place, too, that has sought to draw new industry and new life to its community even as it has wrestled with our changing times and new economy. And, on top of all that, it also has a liberal arts college that mirrors in so many ways the hopes and values of our own DePauw.

Wabash is Crawfordsville's college, and through the years there has developed something of a rivalry between the schools. As an alum of DePauw, I came to learn about that rivalry first hand - learning and then passing on the stereotypes that are associated with those "Wallies." Wallies - as was explained to me leadi…