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When Christianity Gets Serious

This week we'll take a look at what happens when we get too serious about our faith. Join us for this week's Bible Study about Spiritually Show-off's, hypocrisy, and living out our faith quietly.
Jesus' Sermon on the Mount - Sunday mornings @ 9:15 am

Love Your Enemies

The second season of House of Cards was released in full last Friday - returning the cunning, conniving, and ruthless Francis Underwood to your screen.  Or, in other words, the exact opposite of the type of person Jesus' calls us to be in Matthew 5.

As New Yorker journalist Ian Crouch explains in this week's blog, the critically-acclaimed Netflix show is all about contempt - so evident there in Vice President Underwood's actions (read his article here).  But, as Mr. Crouch explains so well, it is a contempt that infects the whole show.

Counter to House of Cards' culture of revenge, payback, disdain, and murder, we come this week to Jesus' final three commands for us as disciples - including his final amplification to love - yes - our enemies.

How powerful such a love can be in a world of emotional and actual physical aggression.

Join us Sunday morning @ 9:15 for this week's Bible Study as we take a closer look at power, abuse, and ... most importantly ... lov…

Living Out Our Faith @ Work & Home

It's the start of a new week.
With it will come new challenges,
new demands,
new opportunities.

But, with it also comes the opportunity to live out our faith in the reality of our home ...
our job ... 
our neighborhood.

Pastor and writer Eugene Peterson shares how Jesus provides the example of what it looks like to live out our faith on a daily basis.  There was a connection and an ability for Jesus to be present to others and to God both inside and outside of church:

God's Word

This week we'll be taking a closer look at Scripture ... 
What is it? 
Why is it so important to us as Jesus' disciples?
And what should we do with it?

Check out this interview with Dale Bruner about how he "takes it in" on a daily basis:

Do you have a daily habit of feasting upon God's Word?