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What You Really Need to Give Up for Lent

I had my normal cup of coffee this morning.  For the briefest of moments, I thought, "maybe this is what I should give up for Lent?"  I could go without coffee for a month, and probably not suffer too much.  I can't vouch for those I see in the morning.  They might suffer a bit more as a result of my Lenten discipline.

If people are aware at all about Lent, it's usually this matter of "giving something up."  The Christian practice is based in the wisdom that by forsaking certain "attachments" like chocolate or wine or jumping on Facebook we can become more aware of God in our life.  There's a lot of value in practicing such discipline.

This year, though, I challenge you to give up something less tangible but even more important.  This year, I encourage you to let go of the negative emotions that are creeping in and driving your behavior.  Take up - instead - those things that lead to greater spiritual and emotional vitality.

Afflictive, Inflict…