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This Month @ GPC

Ways to Fan the Flame of Your Faith

·Honor the Sabbath so that you can fall in love with God and with the world again
·Attend a service of worship each week where you will hear and be fed by God’s Word·Have a quiet time (or devotions) at some point each day·Participate in a small group or Sunday school class for spiritual nourishment, fellowship, and prayer·Trust God by giving sacrificially in some specific area of your life for the sake of others·Let Christ inform the way you behave at work, home, school, and in all other relationships·Take time to learn about your specific gifts, talents and passions, and seek to use them more and more in your life for the sake of others·Seek to be a witness of Jesus Christ and the good news by being a person of hope, faith, and love and by seeking to invite others into God’s great plans for their life and the world·Attend retreats and conferences, read books, enjoy art and culture, and listen to tapes or podcasts that help you grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ·Seek out and meet with …